I’m a fourth-year student in the Linguistics Department at the University of Maryland, College Park. My supervisors are Valentine Hacquard and Maria Polinsky. I’m interested in the syntax-semantics interface: Where and why does structure constrain meaning?

Currently, I work on the syntax and semantics of modals. I’m interested in:

  • how these items are acquired, which is why I conducted a corpus study with Anouk Dieuleveut, Ailis Cournane and Valentine Hacquard within the research project ‘Acquiring the language of possibility’,
  • how they behave cross-linguistically, which is why I did fieldwork on Georgian (a South-Caucasian language),
  • how they change over time, which is why I’m currently studying a syntactic and semantic change in willenyao and querer (the item expressing want in Dutch, Mandarin Chinese and Brazilian Portuguese, respectively) with Nick Huang and Gesoel Mendes.


Contact information
E-mail: avdooren[at]umd.edu
Office: Marie Mount Hall 3416A